The highest mountain you will ever conquer is the mountain of the self.

DELIT.FITNESS is a balanced adaptation of both scientific and philosophical approaches to wellbeing. We believe that “survival of the fittest” doesn’t necessarily mean being the fastest or the strongest, but rather being fit, agile and adjusted to your environment.

The idea of wellbeing and happiness is one of the most important topics in the history of philosophy. Since the time of Aristotle, it has captured the minds of media, science, psychology and business.

But what are wellbeing and happiness? While we focus on these terms from a societal point of view, we are quite poor at executing their potentials on a personal level.

Concepts such as sustainability and resilience find themselves highlighted in presentations and in lists of marketing buzz words, yet we ignore the fact that they are the fundamental building blocks that can help us to achieve an almost perfect state of wellbeing.

We have designed our philosophy around the concept of happiness as a purpose. We believe that the ultimate purpose in life is the pursuit of happiness. As such, happiness represents the conquering of the self.

Think WellEat WellMove Well: These are the three building blocks of the Functional Ecology of the Self™. As you grow from the centre toward these points you build the resilient and substantial foundations of happiness and wellbeing.

DELIT.FITNESS is designed for you as an individual. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, our aim is to help you get better and climb higher than ever before.Be the best you can be. Be your true self. Be happy.

Our goal is to create a true and lasting impact on your way of life. By focusing on your specific topic of interests, and employing the knowledge of experts, we present you with a path to a desired future.

Be your ultra best.

The Functional Ecology of the Self™

At its core, our philosophy is very simple, if you Think Well, Eat Well, Move Well, you have control of the fundamental building blocks of the self. How you think, what you eat, and the way you move, defines your ability to respond to the constant changes and challenges occurring in your environment.


There is a saying that peace starts from within. Our coaching is as much for your mind as it is for your body. We apply behavioural models to secure a mental feedback loop that ensures your mind is one step ahead of your body at all times.

The ability to focus and control the game-of-the-self is the principal first step required to nudge yourself in a desired direction.


An army, it is said, marches on its stomach. Nutrition is the fundamental requirement of wellbeing. We will design a personal nutrition program for you that is based on your biometric and mental needs.

By tilting the scale from energy storage to energy expenditure we can help your body to rethink its physiological response to your environment and welcome a new paradigm: one that is balanced, resilient and sustainable.


While fitness is a relatively modern concept, the narrative of physical training and movement dates back to a period when people didn’t think about it as training but rather a way of life.

Survival of the fittest is not about being the tallest or strongest but rather being fit, agile and in tune with your mind, body and the environment in which you live. Our approach to training is based on these building blocks, which reflect the very nature of humanity.

Not your usual gym or fitness centre

Our activities

We are designed to move. Movement is what fosters the connection we have with our bodies. From cells to joints, bones and muscles, movement is what helps our bodies to enhance metabolism, balance our hormonal changes, boost our ability to fight infections, give us energy and increase sex drive. Our activities are designed around the fundamental human movements.

Olympic-style Weightlifting has been proven beneficial for professional athletes and weightlifters and also as an essential movement tool for everyday fitness. From improving body composition and dynamics to conquering mental obstacles, Olympic-style Weightlifting delivers an impact unlike other sports. Whether you wish to improve your physique, compete, or conquer mental obstacles, our Weightlifting and Powerlifting programs can help you achieve the goal you set. Learn more.

Rucking is walking with a weighted rucksack/backpack. Its origins lie in military Special Forces training. It requires strength, endurance, and character – and builds it, too. Rucking is essentially cardio for people who think that running sucks. Rucking will get you off the treadmill and out into the real world. If you want to burn up to 3X as many calories as walking, ruck instead. Your heart pumps faster during a rucking workout to get oxygen rich blood throughout your body, increasing circulation. Learn more.

We understand that to grow personally and physically, the body requires compassion and healing. Through the relaxing and proven benefits of Restorative Yoga our Yoga teacher will help you find inner balance while also helping you retain flexibility through a broad selection of stretching and breathing exercises. Restorative Yoga is encouraged following strenuous workouts, or as a simple yet effective physical and mental stress reduction exercise. Learn more.

Why choose us?


“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” — Les Brown

You will be able to identify unknowns in areas critical to the stability and development of the self, both mentally and physically.
You will defining the questions upon which you can design your desired vision of the future.
Together, we will be develop strategies to realize and implement the necessary thinking, eating and moving behaviours to deliver your vision.

Together we will design a set of tools and exercises which will enable you to evolve, live long and prosper.