Eat well – Think well – Move well

The highest mountain you will ever conquer is the mountain of the self.

DELIT.FITNESS is a balanced adaptation of science-based and philosophical approaches for wellbeing. We believe that “survival of the fittest” doesn’t necessary mean being the fastest of the strongest but rather being most fit, agile and adjusted to the environment you are part of.

The idea of wellbeing and happiness is one of the most important topics in the history of philosophy. Since the time of Aristotle it has captured the minds of media, science, psychology and business.

But what are wellbeing and happiness? While we focus on these terms from a societal point of view, we are quite poor at executing their potentials on a personal level. 

Concepts such as sustainability and resilience find themselves highlighted in presentations and in lists of marketing buzz works, yet we ignore the fact that they are the fundamental building blocks that can help us to achieve an almost perfect state of wellbeing.

We have designed our philosophy around the concept of happiness as a purpose. We believe that the ultimate purpose in life is the pursuit of happiness. As such, happiness represents the conquering of the self.

Eat well, Think well, Move well: These are the three points of the Triangle of the Self™. As you grow from the centre toward these points you build the resilient and substantial foundations of happiness and wellbeing.

DELIT.FITNESS is designed for you as an individual. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, our aim is to help you get better and climb higher them ever before.