“We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” — Marie Curie

Innovation and creativity are the drivers of progress and prosperity. By building resilient, sustainable individuals within your organisation, you secure the building blocks that can push your company beyond any changes. 

Our world is changing. The rate of technological advancement and social change we are currently experiencing will outstrip anything in the history of mankind.  These changes will cross the boundaries of science, technology, business, equality, education, sociology, philosophy and everyday life experience.

New business and governance models are emerging for those who dare to look at the road ahead. As ever, change brings opportunity. How will your business or organisation navigate this new world?

We’re a group of senior forward thinkers, academics, strategists, futurologists, athletes, artists, writers, and business designers from across the globe. Our mission is to help organizations instigate change and transformation on personal, social, societal, and cultural levels.

We’re a group of senior forward thinkers, academics, strategists, futurologists, athletes, artists, writers, and business designers from across the globe.

Our mission is to help organizations instigate change and transformation on personal, social, societal, and cultural levels.

Our corporate wellbeing services integrate nutrition, mental health and lifestyle guidance to support the implementation of healthier diet, self-care, good quality sleep, stress management and overall psychological wellbeing into your employees’ lives.

Our purpose is to help organisations establish a true culture of wellbeing.

In a world of disruptions, some will be storytellers, and some will be story makers. It is the story makers that will be the heroes of the future.
Innovation getaway

Nothing is more important than building a sense of purpose and setting goals for your team. This is why we are delighted to offer a unique and refreshing alternative to ‘offsite’ conferences.

Bring your team to our facilities in the Göteborg area or Östersund for your team planning day, enjoy an inspiring lecture on a topic of your choice, go for a ruck, enjoy the local cuisine and stay the rest of the day at our get-away office space where you can work, meet and ideate.

Tiny impacts

Small inspirational events (concerts, talks, lectures) at Uniqum (stay and work the rest of the day at out getaway office space. (Open to the public)

Rucking Corps

Our Rucking Corps is designed for corporations and companies who want to offer unique team building activities for their employees and management teams, whilst building their physical resilience and wellbeing. 

Rucking is one of the most effective and easiest sports to participate in today. All you need are a pair of hiking boots or shoes, a rucksack and a water bottle. Choose between a Light Ruck (5k), Medium Ruck (10k) and Hard Ruck (15-20k) and we will take care of the rest. 

We can also help you to set up a Rucking Club in your corporation as a part of your healthcare offer to your personnel, and lead rucking events aimed at introducing a more social, diverse and positive work culture in your organization.

Rucking Workshops

We organize one or two-day workshops with a variety of activities designed to get the best out of your team.

Our experts are not just fitness instructors. Several of our trainers have proven backgrounds in the fields of innovation, creativity, sustainability and communication. 

We can offer you Rucking Workshops that will help your teams drive change for your business outside the boardrooms and conference rooms that tend to stifle the imagination. 

We will take your people out into the wild and reinforce their team spirit, while driving innovative thinking and personal wellbeing in your workforce. Real change starts from within the individual. A healthy workforce is an engaged and motivated workforce – and that’s a good thing, right?

A 5, 10 or even a 20k ruck will offer endless opportunities for your teams to develop new ideas and think outside the proverbial box. Talk to us about your needs and we can organize a Rucking Workshop your team will never forget.

Food for Thought

Our Food for Thought service is offered in conjunction with Black Swan Theatre. It offers your executives and senior managers an opportunity to attend topic-specific panel debates and keynotes (based on your needs) and have one-to-one conversations with our experts. 

We have access to a wide range of experts and keynote speakers across a wide field of topics from health and wellbeing, sustainability and water, to business innovation, change management, futurology and more. The food served at the event is specifically designed to complement the topics being discussed and to form a part of the overall conversation. Food for Thought can cater for up to 40 individuals per sitting.

We can, of course, combine our Rucking Workshops and Food for Thought to create a bespoke event tailored to your specific needs across various locations.

Wellness Centers

At DELIT.FITNESS our goal is to be agents of change. As such, one of our key priorities is the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Why not establish an on-site gym & rucking club, and funnel your activity and personnel health budget into reinforcing a culture of fitness from within, in-line with your existing or desired working culture and brand promise?

We can help you to reimagine how your workforce think, eat and move, and provide you with active, engaged and energetic employees who learn to love challenges and progress.

Nutrition & Diet

We hear, time and time again, that the quality and price of food available on-site leaves a lot to be desired. But apart from quality and price there are other concerns – such as where the food is sourced, how it is stored and prepared and its overall environmental impact – not to mention its nutritional content.

We can help you or your food suppliers to establish a coherent, healthy, local and truly sustainable menu that will offer a balanced diet and the right energy levels for your workforce.

One-on-One Nutrition & Training Advice

We offer an expert consultancy service where our nutrition and training experts visit your premises and work directly with individual employees to establish a healthy regime, based on their current health and fitness levels. This service is very much appreciated by those wishing to embark on a new training programme, or those who are returning from sick leave.

Charity Events

As a non-profit organization, DELIT.FITNESS can help you to organize rucking events where you have a specific charity in mind. Whether environmental or social, we will be happy to support your efforts to become a better corporate citizen.

Our professional trainers will work with you to provide a range of self-optimization tools for your workforce, including team-building events based on our three pillars of self: THINK, EAT and MOVE.

Why choose us?


“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” — Les Brown

You will be able to identify unknowns in areas critical to the stability and development of the self, both mentally and physically.
You will defining the questions upon which you can design your desired vision of the future.
Together, we will be develop strategies to realize and implement the necessary thinking, eating and moving behaviours to deliver your vision.

Together we will design a set of tools and exercises which will enable you to evolve, live long and prosper.