“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama

You can’t change other people.  But you can change yourself. The only requirement is understanding, and the courage to commit. It’s not about trying to do things, there is no trying. Only doing.

DELIT.FITNESS was created to change the way people think, eat and move. You can read more about our philosophy and approach here.

Founded by Aric Dromi, Savko Katev and Trevor O’Rourke, DELIT.FITNESS is a response to the lack of proactive education and support around physical and mental wellbeing in today’s society.

Everywhere you look there are different messages, training fads, measurement technology, competing organisations and complicated or expensive approaches to something that we feel should be simple, affordable and ultimately, natural. 

At DELIT.FITNESS we look at the individual and help you to plan a realistic, achievable and positive outcome that will help you to grow as a person and increase your overall life satisfaction through physical, physiological and psychological improvement.

There is no big secret behind what we do. It’s just that no one else is doing it. Without the combined elements of THINK, EAT and MOVE there can be no progress.


Contact: savko@delit.fitness

Savko is a professional trainer and coach with a specialty in weightlifting, group training, conditioning, bodybuilding and general fitness. He has worked at the professional level in weightlifting clubs in Bulgaria, France and now Sweden. He has also competed internationally in the Weightlifting World Championships.

Contact: asa@crosstherubicon.org

Asa Lind Chong is a teacher and entrepreneur with a background that spans from musician and actor, to a barrister and solicitor. She now lives and works in a forest in Jämtland, Sweden, from where she runs rewilding adventure company Escapade Sweden and wilderness wellness retreat Ayama Fyri.  She also teaches eco technology and sustainable development, environmental law and innovation at university.

Contact: anna@crosstherubicon.org

Anna is our senior story collector and behaviorist. She loves to work with group dynamics, teasing out the common thread in any discussion and finding ways to make everyone shine. She has a background in behavioral science, marketing and organizational development and her mission in life is to create better structures for how work is organized on a global scale. She relaxes with reading, cooking and running through the forests of Jämtland.

Contact: trevor@crosstherubicon.org

Trevor is one of the behind-the-scenes team, helping to keep things moving and our chief marketing and communications director. His background is in journalism and copywriting and he is determined to improve this overall health. He has been vegan for over five years and has a keen interest in good food and healthy eating.

Contact: aric@crosstherubicon.org

Aric is a man of many talents. Futurologist, Keynote Speaker and an avid Rucker. Always one to test his personal limits, Aric has undergone major personal transformations in the area of fitness and resilience training and excels in motivating those around him. 

Contact: laird@delit.fitness

Laird is a guide and endurance athlete from the coast of Victoria, Australia, with a background as a surfer, fisherman and ultra-runner. He now lives and works in Jämtland, Sweden, where he guides for Escapade Sweden and is head of adventures at Ayama Fyri.”

Why choose us?


“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” — Les Brown

You will be able to identify unknowns in areas critical to the stability and development of the self, both mentally and physically.
You will defining the questions upon which you can design your desired vision of the future.
Together, we will be develop strategies to realize and implement the necessary thinking, eating and moving behaviours to deliver your vision.

Together we will design a set of tools and exercises which will enable you to evolve, live long and prosper.